Mattie Cowan Scholarship

The Arizona State Cowbelles are proud to offer a scholarship in the amount of $1,500 in memory of Mattie Cowan, our founder and first president of "The Cowbelles" in 1939, and later the first president of the Arizona State Cowbelles in 1947. "The Cowbelles" organization was the foundation for the Arizona State Cowbelles and later the National CowBelle Association which later changed its name to the American National CattleWomen. We are very proud that the primary source for these organizations began in Arizona, with its rich history in camaraderie, ranching and the beef cattle industry.
This scholarship is offered to high school graduates who plan to pursue agriculture degrees in hopes that the knowledge learned from our past continues and grows into the future.

Application deadline is April 15.

Mattie Cowan Scholarship Application


2018 Recipient - Clay Lyman


Graduating from Alpha Omega Academy with a 3.50 GPA, Clay is planning to attend Central Arizona College majoring in Applied Sciences with interests in Welding and Fire Sciences, and to remain in the agricultural/ranching industry.

Clay is a hard worker who does day work for the Winchester and Warbonnet Ranches. Clay is the son of Shane and Rachel Lyman who reside in Elgin, Arizona.



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