Vicki Ann Wilkinson Named 2013 CattleWoman of the Year

July 24, 2013, Chandler, Arizona - This year's recipient of the Arizona State Cowbelles' CattleWoman of the Year is Vicki Ann Stewart Wilkinson. She is a native Arizonan, raised in the southern part of the state. Vicki attended AZ State College in Flagstaff majoring in business. 

Her generous support comes in many forms. A kind word, praise for taking part in a project, a small gift to let you know she understands and many times over she has been quick to give financial support to our events.

In 1994 she became secretary for the Yavapai Cowbelles, treasurer for the Yavapai Farm Bureau, an active member of the Arizona State Cowbelles (ASC), Arizona Cattle Growers' Associatoin, National Cattlemen's Beef Association and American National CattleWomen (ANCW). 

Active in her community, county, state and national agricultural organizations she has served on numerous committees for the beef industry.

Beef Ambassador Chair, 1995
Vice President, 1995
President Elect, 1996
1997 became the 51st ASC President.

Served as Region VI Representative, 1997
Served on the National Beef Cook-Off Committee in 1997
In 2002 she became the President of the American National CattleWomen.
She has served on the ANCW Long Range Plan Committee, chair of the budget committee and has chaired the ANCW Foundation Committee.

Chaired the Partnership Planning Committee
NCBA/CBB Advertising Committee 
Currently, Vicki serves as
Coordinator of ANCW's Region Meetings
Co-Chair of the ANCW Budget Committee.

Her children and grandchildren are the light of her life. She is a former paralegal and commercial property manager. 

To see a special video of the CattleWoman of the Year announcement, visit here >>>.

Congratulations, Vicki!

Vicki with her family (L-R): 
Buddy Woodhurst, Clint Skeens, Pam Woodhurst (daughter), Alex Biscoe, Vicki Wilkinson, Bob Biscoe (son), Tara Biscoe.